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Tag #10 Etwas verspätet: Dank unserer massiv gut gelaufenen Startnextkampagne gibt's genug Zeit, verschiedene Spielereien auszuprobieren im Phil Hillen/SU2 - Studio!

Hier der Rocktron Talkboxmeister...

#jackhatnendickenschlauchimmund #philistbegeistert #thebourbonkingrises #bonjoviphobie
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Der Bum Bum Bum Di Dum Bass ist drin!!!

#thebourbonkingrises 👑#verlegenheitsanschlag Phil Hillen/SU2 - Studio Ibanez Guitars Gallien-Krueger #maazethepiratgrey #arrrr #arrrr
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BLESSED HELLRIDE from Trier serve honest and hard Heavy Rock. The 5 Pals from the Mosel tell their with whiskey and feelings drowned stories with groovy guitarriffs and catchy hooklines.
It´s an ensemble of the “easy way of life” and a massiv, powerfull soundavalanche that thunders down the stage like a steamroller when these motherfuckers perform live on stage
while the selfgiven motto “Booze ‘n’ Roll” is program.
Easy, free and served with passion, that´s the sound of Blessed Hellride.

Oldschool in your face – without any compromisses!